School on Geometry and Dynamics (1129)
Dates: 31 March-04 April 2014 at CIRM (Marseille, France)
The main aim of the school is to introduce young researchers to current developments in the geometric theory of dynamical systems. The first edition of the school took place at the ICTP in Trieste in June 2013.

The centerpiece of this school are 5 courses by mathematicians at the forefront of research at the interface of Geometry and Dynamics. Theprovide a foundation for students starting research on related topics, and a boost and guidance to students and post-doctoral researchers already at work in this area or a related one.

The lecturers (Benoist, Foulon, Paulin, Quint, Rodriguez Hertz, Schapira) are matched to complement each other in order to provide a broad picture of the research landscape and the connections between various parts of it. Their range of expertise is quite distinct but has substantial overlaps.

They have also been chosen with attention to their ability and inclination to mentor students, and most of the organizing and scientific committee members participate as mentors to the young mathematicians, along with other senior mathematicians.

The schedule allows ample time for informal interaction at the institute or on the walk (20 minutes in the institute park and a national park) to the nearby limestone cliffs on the Mediterranean. This allows not only for learning from presenters, mentors and peers, but for collaborations on ongoing or new projects.