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Introduction to Relative Aspects in Representation Theory, Langlands Functoriality and Automorphic Forms (1550)
Introduction aux aspects relatifs dans la théorie de la réprésentation, la fonctorialité de Langlands et les formes automorphes

Dates: 16-20 May 2016 at CIRM (Marseille Luminy, France)

This is a programme meant essentially for graduate students who wish to work in the general area of Automorphic Respresentations. It is expected that students will already have followed a basic course in Number Theory and will have seen some representation theoruy of finite groups. 

The courses will focus on:

(1) Reductive p-adic symmetric spaces / varieties, distinguished representations, parabolic subgroups adapted to involutions of reductive groups , relative (i.e. symmetric space) analogue of Jacquet’s subrepresentation theorem, relatively supercuspital representations and relative discrete series representations.
( Fiona Murnaghan)

(2) An introduction to trace formula and application to the Jacquet-Langlands correspondence for GL(n), following his paper on the subject in Inventiones, 2008 (383-438).
(Alexandru Ioan Badulescu)

​(3) Relative trace formula and its applications to symplectic periods both locally and globally. 
​(Omer Offen –  VIDEOS)

(4) The local langlands correspondence: Functoriality, L-functions, gamma functions and the epsilon factors.
​(Dipendra Prasad – VIDEO)


Lectures (see information in the left column)

Research Talks

Introduction to the local Gan-Gross-Prasad conjectures for orthogonal and unitary groups


Tame Supercuspidal Representations of GL(n) Distinguished by Orthogonal Groups