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2023, Semester 1

Peter STEVENHAGEN (Chair) and Samuele ANNI (Local Project Leader)

Arithmetic Statistics: Discovering and Proving Randomness in Number Theory
Statistiques arithmétiques : découvrir et prouver l’aléatoire en théorie des nombres

January – June 2023

P1020581 bis
Chair > Prof. Peter STEVENHAGEN
Leiden University

Peter Stevenhagen is a number theorist who obtained his PhD at the University of California at Berkeley and started his career in the CNRS in France. Since then, he has been employed at the University of Amsterdam and, as of 2000, at Leiden University, where was for many years the scientific director of the Mathematical Institute. His publications focus on algebraic, algorithmic and historical aspects of number theory. 
He has traveled widely, giving invited conference and seminar talks and participating in research schools in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America.
Stevenhagen is one of the founding fathers and the current chairman of the European Master program ALGANT in Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory, which graduated hundreds of master students and more than 40 PhD students since its creation in 2004. The consortium now involves Dutch, French, Italian, German, Canadian and South African partners.

Local Project Leader > Dr. Samuele ANNI
Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille
Aix-Marseille Université

Samuele Anni’s main focus is the study of Galois representations. He is interested in the interplay between representation theory, number theory and arithmetic geometry. He follows ideas which benefit from connections between different areas of mathematics: discrete mathematics, graph theory, lattice theory, algebraic geometry, as well as arithmetic geometry, algebra and number theory. In particular, some o fhis research projects include algorithmic aspects and extensive computations using various computer algebra systems (SageMathMagma and PARI/GP). He is currently investigating congruences between modular forms and questions regarding the inverse Galois problem for representations attached to torsion subgroups of abelian varieties.


COUNT (COmputations and their Uses in Number Theory)
Calculs et leur usage en théorie des nombres
27 February – 3 March 2023
COUNT is a shared event between the Chaire Jean-Morlet and the Thematic month programs.

Density Problems in Arithmetic
Problèmes de densité en arithmétique
3 – 7 April 2023

Spring School in Arithmetic Statistics
École de statistiques arithmétiques
8 – 12 May 2023

Arithmetic Statistics
Statistiques arithmétiques
15 – 19 May 2023

27 – 31 March 2023

Local, global, residual
Local, global, résiduel
5 – 9 June 2023

Guests in residence during the semester
Invités du semestre