2024, Semester 1

José A. CARRILLO (Chair) and Anne NOURI (Local Project Leader)

Aggregation-Diffusion and Kinetic Equations, Collective Behavior Models and Applications

Equations d’agrégation-diffusion et équations cinétiques, modèles de comportement collectif et applications.

January to June 2024

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Chair > Prof. José A. CARRILLO University of Oxford
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Local Project Leader > Prof. Anne NOURI Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille, Aix-Marseille Université

José A. Carrillo is Professor of the Analysis of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations at the University of Oxford in England. His research field is Partial Differential Equations (PDE) that is constitutive for the basic language in which most of the laws in physics or engineering can be written and one of the most important mathematical tools for modeling in life and socio-economical sciences. His expertise comprises long-time asymptotics, qualitative properties and numerical schemes for nonlinear diffusion, hydrodynamic, and kinetic equations in the modelling of collective behaviour of many-body systems such as gas molecules in rarefied gases, sand beads in granular media, charge particle transport in semiconductors, synchronization of neurons in computational neuroscience or cell movement by chemotaxis or adhesion forces. 


Anne Nouri is a member of the Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille and a full position professor at the University of Aix-Marseille. Her Research work focuses on kinetic equations that appear in many areas of mathematical physics, such as plasma, rarefied gases or condensed matter. 



Frontiers in Interacting Particle Systems, Aggregation-Diffusion Equations & Collective Behavior (3049)

Frontières dans les équations de systèmes de particules en interaction. Equations d’agrégation-diffusion et comportement collectif

8 -12 April 2024 

Aggregation-Diffusion Equations & Collective Behavior: Analysis, Numerics and Applications (3050)

Equations d’agrégation-diffusion et comportement collectif. Numérique et applications

24 – 28 June 2024

Theoretical and Analytical Aspects of Kinetic equations in Plasmas (3075)

Aspects théoriques et analytiques des équations cinétiques dans les plasmas

25 – 29 March 2024

Steps towards a book on Aggregation-Diffusion Equations and Applications (xxxx)

Vers un livre sur les équations d’agrégation-diffusion et leurs applications

Dates to be announced

Well-posedness and long time asymptotics of quantum kinetic equations

Caractère bien posé et comportement asymptotique en grand temps d’équations cinétiques quantiques

Dates to be announced