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Due to Covid-19, this workshop could not take place in residence at CIRM, as originally intended.
Discrepancy Theory and Applications – Part 1
Théorie de la discrépance et applications – 1ere partie

Dates: 30 November – 1 December 2020
NB: Part 2 of this workshop will take place on 4 and 5 February 2021.

The scope of the workshop covers

  • equidistribution
  • irregularities of distribution
  • discrepancies of special sequences
  • hyperuniformity and dynamical systems
  • metric discrepancy theory
  • multivariate numerical integration and tractability
  • Quasi-Monte Carlo methods and applications in finance

Local and global statistics for point sequences​ – VIDEO

​On the interplay between uniform distribution, discrepancy, and energy  – VIDEO

Billiard orbits and geodesics in non-integrable flat dynamical systems (part 1) – VIDEO
Billiard orbits and geodesics in non-integrable flat dynamical systems (part 2) – VIDEO

​On two different topics in discrepancy theory: From the discrepancy of stratified samples to greedy energy minimization – VIDEO
​Discrepancy of stratified samples from partitions of the unit cube – VIDEO
Greedy energy minimization and the van der Corput sequence – VIDEO

Feynman Checkers: Number theory methods in quantum theory – VIDEO

Pick’s theorem and Riemann sums: a Fourier analytic tale – VIDEO