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Kinetic Equations: from Modeling, Computation to Analysis (2355)
Equations cinétiques: Modélisation, Simulation et AnalyseDates: 22-26 March 2021Place: CIRM (Marseille Luminy, France)

SCHEDULE & ABSTRACTSPARTICIPANTSPicture 19 videos available for this event!


Kinetic equations bridge the microscopic molecular dynamics and the macroscopic hydrodynamic equations. As such they offer richer physics than macroscopic equations, yet are much more computationally affordable than molecular dynamic simulations.
In addition to traditional applications in rarefied gas, neutron transport and astrophysics, in recent years one has seen emerging applications of kinetic modeling in plasma physics, complex fluids, social and biological sciences, etc.We will invite leading figures as well as young researchers to the conference in order to present their recent research results, and  foster further collaborations. We will have a mixture of theoreticians with computational scientists from applied areas in order to expand the scope of the topics and produce opportunities for the expansion of the field. We will also organize a panel discussion on future directions of research in kinetic theory, and in particular, its interplay with new areas of data sciences, machine learning and deep neural networks.Program:mean-field limit of N-body Schrodinger equationsfluid dynamics limit of kinetic equations and corresponding multi-scale computational methodsmean-field limit of deterministic and random particlesself-organized events in social and biological behavior applications in data sciences and machine learnings
SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE Pierre Degond (Imperial College)Benoit Perthame (Sorbonne Université)Laure Saint-Raymond (ENS Lyon)Eitan Tadmor (University of Maryland) ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Mihai Bostan (Aix-Marseille Université)Shi Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University & Aix-Marseille Université)Michel Mehrenberger (Université de Strasbourg) SPEAKERS Anton Arnold (Vienna University of Technology)Weizhu Bao (National University of Singapore)Claude Bardos (Université de Paris)José A. Carrillo (University of Oxford)Pierre Degond (Imperial College)Laurent Desvillettes (IMJ-PRG Paris)Renjun Duan (The Chinese University of Hong-Kong)Martin Frank (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)Michael Herty (RWTH Aachen University)Jingwei Hu (Purdue University)Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin (University of Maryland)​Ansgar Juengel (Vienna University of Technology)Liu Liu  (The Chinese University of Hong-Kong)Clément Mouhot (University of Cambridge)Benoît Perthame (Sorbonne Université)Mario Pulvirenti (University of Roma)Tong Yang (City University of Hong-Kong)Li Wang (University of Minnesota)Enrique Zuazua (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)