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6-month salary from Aix-Marseille Université
The Chair holder receives a salary from AMU (Aix-Marseille Université). S/he becomes a member of staff of AMU during that semester, and is put under the responsibility of the Director at CIRM. The salary range depends on professional status and experience. Note that age restrictions apply due to the fact that the position is within the French Public Service.
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20,000€ budget dedicated to invitations
An envelope of €20,000 is granted to each semester to encourage the invitations of researchers from outside Marseille and its region.The aim is to boost the international aura the region already enjoys and comforts Marseille’s position as one of the leading cities for Mathematics in France. Chair recipients decide together on how to spend this sum which can be devoted to supporting individual guests (travel and/or onsite/outside board accommodation and meals) or supporting Small Group activities or additional Research in Pairs events. The City of Marseille has been a regular supporting partner for invitations since the inception of the Jean-Morlet Chair.

Opportunity to publish a book

This collection has been a co-publication between the SMF and Lecture Notes in Mathematics (Springer) until 2021. From 2022, it will be published by the SMF in Panoramas et Synthèses.

Current negotiations are taking place and new opportunities for publication will be presented in the future.


Excellent facilities at CIRM

  • two offices reserved for the Chair next to the main lecture hall
  • access to any of the seminar rooms (either direct or through booking with Reception)
  • a library open 24/7 with access to a whole range of journals and books and the additional possibility to order any other title
  • reduced-rate meals at CIRM’s restaurant for both the Chair and Local Project leader during the semester
  • monthly rentable accommodation onsite at an attractive rate
The Jean-Morlet House for Researchers situated in the park at CIRM provides a comfortable environment for beneficiaries of the Chair. The House is a 5 mns walk from all facilities at CIRM and only a 25 ms walk from the wonderful neighbouring calanques.
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