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  • 53% foreign participation on average
  • 80 large international workshops per year and many other activities
  • The « Jean-Morlet Chair », our most international programme
  • International audiovisual dissemination
  • A centre open to the world with a focus on quality and communication
CIRM has its own International Scientific Committee to oversee all scientific decisions. Since 2013, CIRM has appointed an International Coordinator to extend collaborations and improve communication in English towards the international community. The International Coordinator also oversees the Jean-Morlet Chair programme in all its aspects.
At any one time, the team at CIRM oversees the organization of around 100 large workshops, as scientific calendars are planned on average two years before events take place. These workshops, where new advances are made and new ideas are discussed, focus on all areas of mathematics and involve the scientific and economic sectors that benefit from mathematical research and developments.  To generate a fully international environment at all levels, Cirm insists on the fact that events with a large international outreach should have an international organizing team.

To advertize events widely and share all necessary information, CIRM has chosen to focus on a very professional presentation of each selected event through the use of dedicated websites in French and English. The effect is to increase communication on all activities and ensure that organizers are offered quality tools to advertize their event. Furthermore,  information is posted on international platforms such as the AMS calendar, ERCOM calendar, EMS website, newsletters etc.  CIRM is also leader in quality mathematics films through its online CIRM Audiovisual Mathematics Library and Youtube CIRMchannel.

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