Important note for Young researchers
We have applied to receive NSF support for researchers from the US, especially for young researchers from US-based institutions.

Funding can be used for the whole program, and in particular for:

Research School: Random Structures in Statistical Mechanics and Mathematical Physics (6-10 March 2017)

Conference: Qualitative Methods in KPZ Universality (24-27 April 2017)

Interested applicants should:
1. pre-register online on the website of the event (click on REGISTER button on the page)
2. fill in the NSF support form (choose .odt file to complete online or .pdf file to print, fill in by hand and scan)
Download .odt form
Download .pdf file

NB1:These forms should be sent back to the address:
NB2: The deadline for returning forms depends on the chosen event and is indicated.