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Program - Overall Description

Each semester of the Jean-Morlet Chair is intended to gather an outstanding, innovative researcher, coming from a non-French institution, to work closely with a Local project leader based at Aix-Marseille Université or another university from the Region.

The idea is not only for individuals to collaborate on new research but also for this international programme to be the place where strong synergies are developed between people, laboratories, established and young researchers, doctoral students etc. The Chair is open to all areas of mathematical sciences and theoretical physics.

Each semester is built around an ambitious ‘scientific’ programme of events, and a ‘people’ programme of invitations that provides additional financial support in order to invite scientists from around the world to come in residence to CIRM-Luminy.

This initiative, which started in 2013, is an exciting opportunity to boost the international attractiveness of the mathematics taking place in the Marseille area and to enhance current trends or develop new ideas in all fields of mathematical sciences.

The Chair has already staged a high number of very successful, internationally-attended events and is an excellent example of the strong collaboration linking CIRM, the CNRS and SMF with Aix-Marseille University and the City of Marseille (Ville de Marseille).

The Chair is increasingly attracting foreign financial support and CIRM is very grateful for the interest showed by the many different sponsors.


The Jean-Morlet Chair holder (coming from a foreign institution) .
Note that age restrictions apply due to the fact that the position is within the French Public Service. Click here for more information.The Local Project Leader (based at Aix-Marseille Université)


Six months mostly based onsite at CIRM but with the opportunity to also visit other research and conference centres, in France or nearby countries, and work with current or new collaborators.


A programme of events based at CIRM and organized by the above team with the help of their chosen co-organizers.1 large Conference
1 Research School mostly aimed at young researchers
1 or 2 Workshops
1 or 2 Research in Pairs event


Full invitations covering board and lodging costs and/or travel costs for chosen guests. A budget of 20,000€ per semester is available for this.


Other events or courses – which can be held at Aix-Marseille Université or other venues (non compulsory and not subsidized by CIRM).
This can encompass outreach events for the general public, courses for undergraduates or post-graduates, seminars at other centres, exhibitions, seminars at I2M and FRUMAM etc.


This collection has been a co-publication between the SMF and Lecture Notes in Mathematics (Springer) until 2021. From 2022, it will be published by the SMF in Panoramas et Synthèses.