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This collection has been a co-publication between the SMF and Lecture Notes in Mathematics (Springer) until 2021. From 2022, it will be published by the SMF in Panoramas et Synthèses.

Co-edition SMF-Springer
Lecture Notes in Mathematics Series – CIRM Jean Morlet Chair
Correlated Random Systems: Five Different Methods
Editors: Véronique Gayrard • Nicola Kistler
CIRM Jean-Morlet Chair subseries, based on the Spring 2013 semester

This volume presents five different methods recently developed to tackle the large scale behavior of highly correlated random systems, such as spin glasses, random polymers, local times and loop soups and random matrices. These methods, presented in a series of lectures delivered within the Jean-Morlet Chair (Spring 2013), play a fundamental role in the current development of probability theory and statistical mechanics. The lectures were: Random Polymers by E. Bolthausen, Spontaneous Replica Symmetry Breaking and Interpolation Methods by F. Guerra, Derrida’s Random Energy Models by N. Kistler, Isomorphism Theorems by J. Rosen and Spectral Properties of Wigner Matrices by B. Schlein.

It is targeted at researchers, in particular PhD students and postdocs, working in probability theory and statistical physics.