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Spectral Theory of Dynamical Systems and Related Topics (1637)
Théorie spectrale des systèmes dynamiques et sujets reliés.
Dates: 10-14 October 2016 at CIRM (Marseille Luminy, France)

This meeting is aimed at the recent progress in the spectral theory and joinings of dynamical systems, especially, in the recent spectacular progress toward the solutions of some unsolved classical problems of ergodic theory: Rokhlin problem on mixing of all orders, stability of spectral properties under smooth changes for the parabolic systems, the Banach problem on the existence of dynamical systems with simple Lebesgue spectrum and the problem of spectral multiplicity. 

Ergodic properties of step function skew products and the asymptotics of affine random walks

On the Erdös flat polynomials problem

On k-fold lebesgue functions

Role of r-mixing in martingale methods for limit theorems in algebraic Nd-actions

Furstenberg entropy values for nonsingular actions of groups without property (T) 

Lebesgue spectrum for area preserving flows on the two torus

Approximate orthogonality of powers for ergodic affine unipotent diffeomorphisms on nil manifolds

On ergodicity in periodic systems of Eaton lenses

The structure of tame minimal dynamical systems for general groups

Ordered Groups and Spectrum of Cantor Minimal Systems

Topological dynamics of piecewise-affine maps of the interval

Poisson suspensions that are disjoint from Gaussian systems

Absolutely Continuous Spectrum for Parabolic Flows/Maps

On rank and isomorphism problem for von Neumann flows with one discontinuiny

On relative spectral theory

Degree, mixing, and absolutely continuous spectrum of cocycles with values in compact Lie groups

Spectra of mixing transformations

Multiple mixing and Ratner property in mininal components of locally Hamiltonian flows