Ergodic Theory and Möbius Disjointness (1638)
Théorie ergodique et disjonction de Möbius

Dates: 5-9 December 2016 at CIRM (Marseille Luminy, France)

This meeting will focus on the recent progress on Sarnak’s conjecture on Möbius disjointness: methods, results, and the feedback in ergodic theory.

A Central Limit Theorem for B–free dynamical systems

Baez-Duarte’s criterion for Riemann’s hypothesis

Multiplicative Functions and Theory of Multiple Recurrence

Automatic sequences satisfy Sarnak’s conjecture I

Positive entropy subshift uncorrelated to the Möbius function


B-free dynamics – a view through the window (pdf)

Möbius disjointness along ergodic sequences for uniquely ergodic actions (pdf)

​Automatic sequences satisfy Sarnak’s conjecture II (pdf)

Möbius function: on the missing log-factor and alia   (pdf)

Möbius disjointness on short intervals for models of a measure-theoretic dynamical system

Möbius Randomness and Dynamics six years later

Effective equidistribution: low-dimensional orbits

Möbius disjointness for topological models of ergodic systems with discrete spectrum