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February – July 2013

  • Probability theory 
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Disordered Systems 
  • Spin Glasses

This Chair was linked in parts to the Thematic Month on ‘Probability’  held in February 2013 at CIRM.

Alongside the traditional events that form part of this semester (conference, doctoral school, small groups, research in pairs) other courses were presented, featuring some of the international mathematicians chosen for a full invitation as part of the Programme of Invitations sponsored by the City of Marseille.

Dr. Nicola KISTLER
University of Bonn 
Local Project Leader
> Prof. Véronique GAYRARD 
CNRS, LATP, Aix-Marseillle Université

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Branching Diffusions and Gaussian Free Fields in Physics, Probability and Number Theory
10-14 June 2013 (at Campus St Charles)
Random Polymers and Random Matrices (1062)
4-8 March 2013
Disordered Systems (1091)
24-28 June 2013
Fractional Moments and Random Polymers (1301)
13-25 March 2013

Microscopic Properties of the Region Left Uncovered by the Wiener Sausage in 2 Dimensions (1302)
26 April – 7 May 2013

First Passage Percolation on the Hyper-Cube in Growing Dimensions (1303)
26-31 May 2013

Random Walk in Random Environments (1304)
3-7 June 2013

Sharp Asymptotics for the Correction Term of the Cover Time on the 2-dim Torus (1305)
9-28 June 2013

A Micro-Canonical Approach to the SK-Model (1306)
11-28 June 2013

A series of additional events was organized in Marseille in various locations during the semester.
Guests in residence during the semester
Invités du semestre