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Diophantine Problems: Determinism, Randomness, Applications
Problèmes diophantiens : déterminisme, aléatoire, applications

September 2020 – February 2021
​ – Semester impacted by Covid-19 –

> ​Prof. Robert TICHY
Technische Universität Graz
Robert Tichy is interested in analysis and number theory. A focus of his research lies on asymptotic analysis of discrete structures, arithmetic dynamical systems, diophantine equations and on discrepancy theory. Furthermore he is interested in probabilistic aspects of number theory, quasi Monte-Carlo methods and applications in finance and insurance.
Local Project Leader
Prof. Joël RIVAT
Aix-Marseille Université
Joël Rivat is Professor at Aix-Marseille University at the I2M (Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille) department. He is a member of the team focusing on Groups, Dynamics, Arithmetics and Combinatorics. His main research interests lie in exponential sums, prime numbers in sparse sequences, additive, multiplicative problems, digital properties of sequences (primes, squares, etc.) and pseudorandom sequences.

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Fourier Eigenfunctions and Modular Forms (2594)
Fonctions propres de Fourier et formes modulaires

14 September – 2 October 2020
VIRTUAL EVENT (due to Covid-19)
​Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods and Applications (2255)
​Méthode de quasi-Monte Carlo et applications
2-6 November 2020
15 videos available for this event!
VIRTUAL EVENT (due to Covid-19)
Diophantine Problems, Determinism and Randomness (2256)
Problèmes diophantiens, déterminisme et aléatoire

23-27 November 2020
28 videos for this event!
VIRTUAL EVENT (due to Covid-19)
​Discrepancy Theory and Applications – Part 1 (2257)
Théorie de la discrépance et applications – 1

30 November – 1 December 2020
9 videos available for this event!
HYBRID EVENT (due to Covid-19)
Discrepancy Theory and Applications – Part 2 (2641)
Théorie de la discrépance et applications – 2

4-5 February 2021
5 videos available for this event!
​(see page of the event)
Multiplicativity and Randomness (2365)
Multiplicativité et aléatoire
Part 1 : 2-5 November 2020 (cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic)
Part 2 : 4-9 February 2021
Peter Grabner 
TU Graz
15 September – 11:15 – 12:15 CET
Fourier-Eigenfunctions and Modular Forms



Special Research Area (SFB) F55 on Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods: Theory and Applications
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James Maynard
University of Oxford
15 & 16 September 2020 – 16:00 CET & 17:30 CET
Introduction to the Duffin-Schaeffer problem Abstract
Introduction to GCD graphs Abstract
Properties of GCD graphs Abstract
Finishing up and overview Abstract
Alex Kontorovich
Rutgers University
21 October 2020 & 22 October 2020 – 16:00 CET & 17:30 CET
Introduction to Zaremba’s Conjecture Abstract
The Orbital Circle Method Abstract
The “Beyond Expansion” program Abstract
Sources of Arithmetic Sphere Packings Abstract
Michael Lacey
(Georgia Tech)
4 February 2021 – 16:00 CET & 17:00 CET
Discrete Improving Inequalities
A Polynomial Roth Theorem for Corners in the Finite Field Setting Abstract
Ben Green
University of Oxford
5 February 2021 – 16:00 CET
On the Divisors of a Typical Integer Abstract